WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

After a crazy long break and a close encounter with the storm of the century, Vassar is finally back in session. Students here are ready to ditch the pajamas and step up their fashion game, at least until midterms hit. It has been a blast looking around campus and seeing some amazing outfits. I’m proud to say that we Brewers have serious style.

When I spotted this Fashionista I was blown away by how put together she looked as she dashed off to class in the midst of the snow and the slush. During bad winter weather I think a fantastic coat is what really makes a sartorial statement. This Fashionista gets it. Her coat is perfectly tailored and flatters her figure well. The deep navy color matches with a variety of outfits and still lets other accessories shine.

Speaking of accessories, her scarf is gorgeous. I love the loose knit and infinity style. It pairs nicely with her metal coat buttons and sparkly earrings. I am also a huge fan of her decision to pile on a bunch of rings. This is one of my favorite jewelry looks. She kept everything in the silver color scheme but played around with shapes and designs. Her rings tie in with the rest of the outfit and give it an unexpected pop.

I commend this Fashionista for wearing heeled boots and tights in the snow. Her shoes are classy and when combined with the coat, make her look incredibly polished. She adds a cute, casual detail by wearing socks over the tights and scrunching them down a bit. I love doing this and think it proves how the little things can really have a big impact on the overall outfit.

All in all, this Fashionista deserves an A+ for her cold weather sartorial choices. That’s saying something, since the semester only just began. She knows that stylish coats and fun accessories are the way to go in winter. With the right outerwear and some added personal flair, she is ready for whatever this semester throws her way.

One Simple Change: Is the snow really coming down? Swap out the heels for some tough winter boots and throw on a hat and some gloves. Then you’ll be all ready to make the walk to class without having to worry about freezing your fingers off or slipping down the sidewalk.