WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Although the weather here in Minnesota does not feel like spring, students have returned to campus for the start of spring semester. After spending a couple of weeks either traveling or lounging at your parent’s house, getting back into the swing of school can be a difficult transition. However, don’t let buying text books, reading countless syllabi or waking up for that early morning class get in the way of putting together a fabulous back to school outfit.

I found this Fashionista Monday morning in my first class of the new semester—Physics. Her yellow cardigan caught my eye and brought some much-needed happiness in my somewhat dull class. The colors and patterns in her scarf reminded me that spring is near. After a few weeks into the semester, when it is still considered winter in the fashion world but spring fever starts to creep up on you, throw on a bright-colored sweater to help satisfy your spring cravings.

This Fashionista showed that your outfits can be both practical and fashionable. During the first couple months back to school, with temperatures barely above zero, it is important to wear something that will keep you warm and cozy on your walk across campus. Layering is also a necessity! Once you get to your classroom, on the edge of breaking a sweat, the shock of temperature difference might make you regret wearing that chunky sweater. If you’re wearing layers, like this Fashionista did by putting on a scarf, you will have something to take on and off in the fluctuating temperatures.

One Simple Change: After a long day back to school, going to happy hour with the girls is the perfect way to relieve stress. With an already busy schedule, finding time to go home and change may not be an option. So instead, swap out the scarf for a colorful statement necklace, throw on a pair of ankle booties and you’ll be good to go!