WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

We have all officially stepped into the spring semester. We are back at school, and I still do not want to get out of my pajamas. Finding a back to school outfit can be hard, especially for a college student. Back in high school, back to school was once a year. So experimenting with outfits before the first day of school was fun. In college, there’s a first day of school for a whole week. You have a new class every day because our schedules are all over the place. So the best thing to do is make small statements every day with your outfits because little details can say a whole lot.

This Fashionista casually worked in her little details. Casually walking around campus, she sports a light brown knit sweater. Knit sweaters are so very warm. Knit sweaters can be classic, and if you are interested in classic knit sweaters, you can purchase a sweater at Brandy Melville. Paired with her sweater, she wears blue skinny jeans. You can get a pair at Hollister Co. This brings us closer to the detail that caught my eye. Her shoes are dark brown suede booties. To keep her feet warm, the booties have fur that folds over the top of the shoe. If a Fashionista is interested in a beautiful pair of booties, try these Steve Madden booties. To end with some sparkle and shine, this Fashionista wraps everything up with an infinity diamond necklace. If you’re a student on a budget and you saved up enough, get this necklace from Tiffany & Co.

Back to school outfits do not need to be stressful anymore. Follow this Fashionista’s casual and classic look, and you will be fine.

One Simple Change: A simple change can be the knit sweater. Instead of the sweater being one color, try one with a pattern or graphic design.