WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Another semester has started and the Fashionistas/os of campus have officially made the university their runway. First impressions are everything when walking into a new class, and let’s not forget that what people see first is how you look.   Dressing for class can seem like a hassle when all you want to do is throw on sweatpants or leggings, but taking the extra five minutes to look the part of a productive, stylish student can go a long way.

This Fashionista was spotted strutting her stuff on the way to her first last day of classes, since she is a second semester senior. She was not afraid to make a lasting first impression upon walking into her scheduled classes for the semester. Her look is comfortable and stylish. The Fashionista paired her warm chunky sweater with a simple black skirt and black tights. The bottom half of the look was completed with a pair of over-the-knee boots, which only leaves a small portion of the leg showing between the boots and the skirt. The boots also leave this Fashionista with the illusion of an elongated leg. The ensemble was perfectly complemented with a gray to black ombré faux fur coat.

The Fashionista’s look was great for running around from class to class on the first day back, while not jeopardizing her style. The skirt with tights paired with over-the-knee boots is a great style that can be utilized in many situations, even for a perfect back to school look. Don’t forget to accessorize, either! The Fashionista wore a bright selection of bracelets to incorporate color into her outfit. This Fashionista was bound to have a great day when she stepped onto campus looking so great!

Take a page from this Fashionista’s book and take the extra five minutes to pick out an outfit that will leave you walking to class like you are walking down the runway during New York Fashion Week.

One Simple Change: Plan on going out to celebrate the end of your first week of classes? All you have to do is ditch the jacket for something less bulky, like a leather jacket, and make a quick bag change.