WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

You’ve had a month of sleeping in, living in sweats and endless hours with your Friends Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Rachel. Unfortunately, this blissful time has come to a close, and it’s back to the grind—the second semester! (Cue the groans.) During this time, we have two options; we can either miserably sulk to class every day, bumming it in our yoga pants and The North Face jackets, or we can make the most of it and dress to look and feel our best.

When I spotted this Fashionista on campus, I loved how she took a basic college girl staple—riding boots and jeans—and really jazzed it up to show off her personal style. It’s very easy to make a boots and jeans outfit appear boring and forgettable. This Fashionista was able to make subtle touches, accessorizing and mixing different textures to really make her outfit pop.

Usually the boots and jeans combo is finished off with a chunky, oversized sweater. But instead, this Fashionista opted for a thin, three-quarter length gray cardigan to wear over her wine colored, lace peplum style top. Due to the cardigan being a jersey material, the change of fabric with the lace top really made the overall outfit stand out. The wine color also gave a dark-colored ensemble the punch of color that it needed.

She finished off her outfit with a black cross-body bag, which she wore on the crook of her arm, matching her black riding boots. Her bold, gold statement necklace provided just the right amount of daytime sparkle, and her simple gold ring was just enough to finish off the look.

One Simple Change: Got a hot date or just want to look more dressed up for a girls night out? Ditch the boots, and slip on a pair of lace-up heels. Due to the rest of the outfit already looking polished, the shoe swap will add just the right amount of glam.