WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

With the start of a new semester comes a lot of different things. The excitement of seeing your friends you missed over break, the anticipation of new classes, the increased intake of coffee and the painful realization that you and Netflix won’t be spending as much time together now that you’re back in school mode. While I believe the whole “new year, new me” mantra is a little overdone, I’m definitely all about the “new year, new clothes” idea. With great new clothes (courtesy of the money Grandma gave you over the holidays)  comes great responsibility—that is to say, now you have more outfits to experiment with!

Since the first week of classes is usually just introductions all over again, you can spend a little extra time in the morning on your outfits with a stress-free guarantee. This Fashionista is a perfect example of someone who did that this morning for the first day of school. The ultimate challenge is the ability to mix comfort and chic. While it’s in the 60s during the day, the classroom could be anywhere from 50 degrees to 80 degrees, so you want to be prepared; I highly suggest incorporating layers. This Fashionista wears a high-low acid-wash T-shirt, a leather jacket, army green paneled pants and loafers. These are perfect items because they’re comfy, appropriate for this season’s trends and easy to accommodate as the temperature change outside and inside the classroom. She accessorizes with a Chanel bag (since there’s not much to bring on the first day) and sunglasses (to counter those strong Malibu UV rays).

I love this Fashionista’s look because she looks incredibly put together without looking like she’s trying to be a one-woman fashion show on the first week of school. Sometimes it’s awesome to look like a one-woman fashion show, but school is usually not the best place for that. Even though you want to look stylish, your focus at the end of the day needs to be on the lecture. Wearing difficult clothing won’t help you concentrate in class, so you should save the fancier looks for your weekend wear. If you look good, you’re going to feel great. If you feel great, you might get an A in that biology class you thought was impossible! Throw on a comfy, trendy outfit, own your confidence and let’s get ready to tackle a rad semester.

One Simple Change: Planning a girl’s night out to celebrate getting through the first week? Switch out the T-shirt for a cool fringe top under your leather jacket and change into some black pumps to complete the look.