WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It is now January and not only is it cold and gloomy out, it is also time to get back to studying habits. But whoever said you cannot look good while doing this?

This Fashionista knows how to dress comfortably warm while attending class. Not only is it an easy ensemble to put together, mix-and-match, wear-and-run, it is also appropriate to wear in the library, the classroom or even for lunch out.

A thick sweater in light colors keeps this Fashionista prepared for what may come, and ripped jeans in a size up add a little daring element to the outfit. She wears a green parka over it all with a big hood for those snowy days. A black bag big enough to carry her books and laptop are an essential, she says. It does look quite convenient to have it be a cross body bag, like this duffel, as it is easier to carry. A backpack takes a few minutes to try to pull the handles over arms clad in a sweater and a jacket. This Fashionista is also wearing a hat that keeps her hair out of her face, and completes her look. As you can see, no amount of snow is going to stop this determined Fashionista from doing her best at school.

The green on green adds an interesting dimension to the ensemble, which can be fun to experiment with. Try two different shades of the same colour with your outerwear this winter! Also, is the wind seeping through those cuts in your jeans? The loose fit allows for a pair of tights to be added. Besides the usual black, try a multi-coloured pair to show your fun side!

One Simple Change: Switch the ripped jeans for a slimmer fit for a casual night out on town with your girlfriends or even a date!