WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

It’s back to school season, but are you really ready for the late nights, pop quizzes and shortened sleeping schedule? I’m sure we can all agree that there’s many of us college students who aren’t ready for this again, but there’s no need to let the world know you’re not ready to deal with it all. You don’t want to show up the first week of class in ratty sweats and a tank top to that one class where that one professor may write you a letter of recommendation. Appearance and first impressions are essential to prospering in this world, so don’t let what you wear hold you back!

One of the best ways to hide how you’re really feeling about this semester is by wearing an outfit that shows that you actually made an effort to look decent for classes. I spotted this adorable Fashionista on her way for a coffee break during her second day of classes. Although she’s sporting the oh so recognizable plain white T-shirt, she took the time to add small details to the outfit to make it stylish and comfy for the first week of school. Pairing a plain tee with high-waisted skinny jeans adds a bit more style to the outfit as opposed to a regular pair of skinny jeans. These jeans are cute while giving any Fashionista a bit more accentuation in the hip area which emphasizes her hour glass figure. She took the look a step further by adding some flare with her high top Converse sneakers, a few chic layered necklaces and simple braid in her hair.  The addition of all these components took a basic T-shirt and amplified it to a comfy, wearable outfit for the beginning of spring semester.

One Simple Change: Going from class to a study date? Add a vibrant cardigan for a splash of color as well as to keep you warm and cozy in the library.