WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

It’s crazy, right? One minute you feel as though winter break just started, and before you know it, you’re already back on campus preparing for second semester. Although many may dread returning to classwork, stepping back into the swing of things comes with countless positives, one of them being able to dress ever so fashionably again! A new semester is a chance for apparel revival and totally beats the drag of arranging a class schedule, ordering books and having a shortened sleep schedule. Individualistic style is extremely abundant in Chicago, and finding a Fashionista/o with a radical look isn’t difficult!

I spotted this scholarly dressed Fashionisto on his way to class, and not only did his outfit stand out, but his confidence sporting it was apparent too. Assembled with ease, this Fashionisto’s casual business-like attire sends an attentive message to all his professors; not only is he ready to exceed in the classroom, but he also can represent himself well externally. His outfit is a picture-perfect look for meeting professors and fellow students, as well as for taking a walk to the library or snagging some coffee to awake from a possible previous sleepless night.

This Fashionisto did no wrong with this exquisite outfit. Both his timeless cable knit sweater and studious watch give off an air of intelligence and keep the look casual and approachable. His Western-style Clarks lace-ups are essential for the chilly temperatures whirling through campus, and his tailored peacoat meshes effortlessly with the texture of his sweater. Classic wash blue jeans are an everlasting piece to have in any closet, offering comfort while sitting through long lectures. Look out Loyola, this Fashionisto is dressed to impress!

One Simple Change: When winter weather comes knocking and snow starts to fall, substituting the lace-up Clarks with a pair of masculine snow boots will add dash, warmth and protection from the snow.