WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Who knew we’d be going back to school so soon? As syllabus week comes flying around the corner, we need to prepare for war—fashion war.

One of my favorite aspects of college has to be the opportunity to have not one, but two ‘first day of school’ per year. Now that spring semester is among us (yes, the title of spring is a tease), we long for the beginning of a new journey, a chance to reinvent ourselves, and especially, an opportunity to revamp our wardrobe.

When the struggle between staying warm and appearing fashionable comes into question, do not let the negative wind chills convince you to replace your Jeffrey Campbell with UGGs.

It is time to flex your glam muscles this semester. Three easy ways to dress up a chunky sweater you ask? Simple: throw it over a dress, pair it with winter-acceptable shorts like the Fashionista above or, if you’re short enough like me, wear it is a dress! Layers underneath will keep you warmer so do not hesitate to throw a fitted camisole under your sweater. Leather shorts, tights and skater skirts are my winter wardrobe saviors. In a world full of jeans and leggings, we tend to forget about the endless options we have available. Trade the leggings for a dress over tights and high socks. Trade the jeans for some comfortable trousers from J.Crew. Trade the moccasins for low heels. Trade, trade, trade, and feel, feel good.

I know walking around campus gets tiring, and the last thing we want is for our feet to bleed by the end of the day. Make sure to wear wedged booties or combats on a busy day. Sometimes a backpack can offset your style vibes, so please don’t forget there are other options like large totes. Still cold in class? Fingerless gloves are your savior.

Let’s try something new this semester. Why not get up twenty minutes earlier next week and put some good thought into your outfit? There has never been a truer quote than “Look good, feel good.” I challenge all of you to test this theory. Not only will dressing well boost your ego for the day, but you will find yourself more outgoing and a better student (whether you’re taking an exam or hitting the library.) We’re all at school for similar reasons, so use your clothes and accessories to express yourself, and show everyone how you’re different. Remember: those who stay true to their fashion sense during snow season will be the ones shining come spring.

One Simple Change: Dress up this casual class look with an elegant coat and leather bag for a chic night look.