WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

For most post-secondary students, the start of a new year also means the start of a new semester. In addition to offering temporary relief from school and studying, the winter break offers time to plan (and maybe even splurge on) the perfect back to school outfit. After all, less time spent studying leaves more time to create an eye-catching ensemble.

This Fashionista has chosen to go with a boho feel for her first day back on campus. I love how effortless, yet stylish this outfit looks. Wearing her skirt over top of opaque tights and black oxfords helps to emphasize the color and make it stand out. More importantly, the tights will keep her warm and cozy for a full day at school.

The rustic and natural color palette of the outfit adds to the boho look she was going for. Note how all of the colors complement each other well. While this Fashionista’s knit sweater is more of a muted beige, her chunky knit scarf is a deep camel that helps to draw out the details on the skirt.

To complete her outfit, this Fashionista layered a long necklace underneath her scarf. Doing so is unique as the two pieces are not typically styled together. The necklace helps to add that “little extra something” to the whole look. Next time you are trying to plan your back to school outfit, take a look at how this Fashionista added something simple to create a more distinct look.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s school appropriate outfit can also be perfect for weekend wear. By changing out of a skirt and into a pair of flexible, lightweight pants, this Fashionista will have greater and comfortable movement while running errands.