WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Getting back to school can be pretty exciting after a nice, long winter break, but choosing the perfect outfit can be a little stressful. For guys, you want to wear something casual that also shows your style. You also want to be comfortable in something since you’ll have to walk around campus all day and sit through your classes. The perfect way to do this is sneakers and layering.

This Fashionisto started his outfit with a comfy shoe. He chose to wear Vans. A fun way to switch up your typical denim is by wearing distressed jeans. To keep extra warm during these cold months, he chose to wear black men’s leggings under his jeans. Finally he wore a turtle neck topped off with a leather jacket.The perfect outfit for guys is all about showcasing personal style.

For guys, it can be difficult to find clothes that are fashionable yet are still comfortable. Another way to show off your style is with your backpack or school bag. There are so many fun designs and colors to chose from, and it is the perfect thing to add to your trendy back-to-school outfit. For girls, a casual outfit also works for back to school. Comfortable shoes are always super important—especially if you go to school on a big campus. I also always try to bring some type of jacket or sweater with me to class because sometimes classrooms can be cold.

Remember to be comfortable and showcase your style! How you dress for class can even help your performance. It is still okay to have days where you choose running shorts or sweatpants to wear to school instead. Good luck this semester!