WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Now that school is finally back in session for the fall semester, there is something very significant to think about: day to day school outfits!

Going back to school after an extensive summer break can really feel like a catastrophe. The massive amounts of homework, projects and tests may weigh on a person’s mind when thinking about going back to school. But there are a couple things to look forward to such as hanging with friends every day and most importantly planning some awesome back to school outfits. I particularly enjoy syllabus week because I get to see everyone’s favorite outfits. Students dress in their preferred, casual and trendy outfits for the first week of class in hopes of making a good impression on their fellow students and teachers.

The University of South Carolina has been back to school for a few weeks and I am still enthused by some of the ‘first week of school’ outfits I have seen. An outfit that motivated me to take photos was worn by this Fashionista. As pictured above she wore ripped denim jeans from a Zara branch in Prague, paired with a casual but cute lace-up shirt from H&M. She finished the look off with a pair of adidas superstar sneakers and a great pair of playful reflective sunglasses. This outfit is perfect for day-to-day wear. Whether you are going to school, shopping, to a restaurant or just strolling around campus, this is a very versatile and casual look. I hope this inspires you with your daily school looks.