WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

After three months of sleep and relaxation, school is back in session. The beginning of a new year (especially for us Fashionistas), is all about making a fashionable first impression on our classmates.

This Fashionista proves that being stylish and comfortable for class is no big deal by pairing jeans with grey pointed toe flats and a basic white T-shirt. I love how effortless her outfit is, yet she stands out in a sea of students wearing sweatpants, leggings and oversized T-shirts; putting in a little effort definitely goes a long way.

Although fall is only a few days away, it’s still just as hot outside as ever. This Fashionista took advantage of the warmer temperature by wearing a white V-neck and layering a scarf over it. Wearing a scarf will keep you from getting cold in chilly classrooms since you can fold it basically any way you’d like, plus it adds a stylistic element to kick your outfit up a notch.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit were her turquoise and marble earrings. The earrings effect was subtle, but added some color to her neutral look. Wearing jewelry is a great way to incorporate dimension in your outfit and make it unique. Additionally, her brown tote bag is a stylistic alternative to a plain backpack. This Fashionista made sure comfort was a priority while walking to class by wearing a pair of lace up flats.

Ultimately, this rad Fashionista knows the key to a perfect outfit for class. It’s so important to feel comfortable during a day full of classes, and one way to instantly boost your confidence is with an outfit that makes you look and feel good.