WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

The event we’ve been waiting for all summer long is the moment we go back to school, but only to be reunited with our friends. This event we all dread because we eventually have to start doing work again. It’s back to school time! The time we all want to show off all the new clothes and shoes we’ve gotten throughout the summer. Going back to school has its pros and cons, but as the semester starts it’s mainly pros.

This Fashionista caught my eye with this lace-up ink-blot dress. Her outfit is very simple but the print of the dress added that extra pop to her overall look. Knowing that she had a bold dress, she paired it with a pair of cutout booties and a green utility jacket to bring it all together in a neutral color palette. One popular trend that has been present throughout the summer is lace-up articles, whether it is shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, etc. This Fashionista showcased that trend very nicely as it was at the top of her bold dress. She left it loosely untied for a relaxed, carefree look. This look is very easy and fashionable to just throw on when going to class since we usually want to wake up as late as possible to get ourselves ready to head out.

A Fashionista could easily throw on a pair of dark jeans to transition this borderline summer outfit into a fall look. A lot of our summer clothes can be pieces that we easily layer up to make outfits for the fall weather. I think that is what makes the fall season the best season of them all.