WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Summer has come to a close and the school year is now in effect. Students have been crowding around campus with their latest back to school looks. It is always a struggle to decide whether you want to be comfy or fashionable for class, but who’s to say you can’t be both? No one wants to sit in class for hours with an outfit on that makes them uncomfortable. But you also don’t want to show up to class the first day in your pajamas and give your classmates a bad first impression. The first day of class is the perfect opportunity to wear one of your favorite outfits and kill that first impression.

This Fashionista is rocking her first day of school attire in a casual but cute look! She paired a stretchy denim skirt with a loose white V-neck shirt to allow herself the comfort she needs to walk all over campus while also looking trendy. With the weather being so hot for the first week of school, the skirt allows her to show off those legs without dying in a pair of jeans. She chose to wear a small heel, which gives her that perfect boost of confidence without killing her feet. The accessories that she chose were the perfect amount to add a few finishing touches without overdoing her entire ensemble. This Fashionista is sure to give off that “I’ve got my life together” vibe as she struts through campus with her stylish sunglasses and little purse. It’s the perfect look to transition from school to work to dinner without having to go home in between to change.

So don’t feel like you always have to choose between being comfortable or fashionable. Find an outfit that can satisfy both of those desires, and you will feel and look good all day long. Besides when you feel good about yourself, you can focus and enjoy class a little bit more! Kick off the semester on the right foot and try putting some new pieces together. You never know what works on you until you try it out!