WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Hello again! Once again summer comes to a close and fall semester beings again. Honestly, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t find even a small pleasure in new school supplies. Next thing you know it is move-in day, and then soon enough it is Monday morning and you’re walking to class. Thank goodness for syllabus week, am I right?

My perfect back-to-school outfit consists of a pair of boyfriend jeans, a comfy T-shirt and an easy pair of shoes to slip on. Boyfriend jeans are so great because they are the ultimate comfortable denim. For anyone who hates jeans, buy a pair of these and you’ll never look back. As for a top, any T-shirt looks great with these jeans. Band T-shirts, big flowy shirts, a plain T-shirts or even something more tight and snug to the body.

I also paired a western style belt with this look. Not only because these jeans are slightly big, but because it ties in the entire look. Along with the belt, these earrings and bralette (pictured above) are simple but are just added extra details. I know these adidas Superstars have been everywhere, but I understand the “hype.” They are super comfortable and can be paired with just about everything.

Since this look is so comfy, it would also be a perfect look for a weekend of errands or a lunch out. It is the ultimate comfort but still a trendy look. I hope you all have an amazing semester!