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WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

August 25th, 2016 at 2:10am
WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Nothing can be more daunting then the realization that going back to school isn’t that far away! As busy college students, let’s be honest, we’re always tired. We constantly have a morning battle of style vs. comfort, so what is a college student to do? As stressful as it may seem, picking out a stylish outfit can be possible without sacrificing comfort. Slow lectures and long study sessions won’t stop this Fashionista from dominating this 90s trend.

Rocking all clothing from the thrift store, this Fashionista styles her motorcycle T-shirt with her favorite high-waisted jeans. The mom jean made the biggest comeback this summer. Not only do the jeans give an instant retro flashback, but also give this outfit an edgy element. In addition, this Fashionista defines comfort and chic with her classic white Converse, giving her the support she needs to walk around campus all day long. She’s perfectly styled for running between lectures to socializing at a local coffee shop for studying.

Another staple piece is the mini-backpack with the personalized buttons. Since the outfit is pretty casual, the buttons on the back pocket acts as a clever accessory that is also personalized to the Fashionista. Adding the DIY choker just finalizes this 90s trend inspired look.

One Simple Change: Meeting up with some friends after class? It’s been a long week at school and you deserve a girl’s night out! Try switching the nude lipstick with a deeper red. Take off those shoes and wear some heels, then grab your leather jacket and you’re good to go!