WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

We all start to get a little anxious when the end of summer starts to sprint straight towards us faster than an Olympic runner in the 100 meter dash. We’re flooded with panic as we realize that our endless beach days are dwindling. As the warm weather disappears, so will our ability to play some hard core country music and not be scoffed at (because country music is such a summer thing, am I right?). But most of all, soon we’ll have to trade the sweet scents of suntan lotion and barbecue for the redolence of textbooks and 3:00 a.m. all-nighter cups of coffee. That’s right, summer coming to an end means that the school year is lurking right around the corner.

We’ll have no choice but to climb out of our pink, frosted, rainbow-sprinkled doughnut pool floats (which were incredibly trendy this summer), and gear up for another semester of hitting the books and totally not procrastinating on assignments (cue the nervous laughter). But have no fear!  Even though classes are starting up again, there are things to look forward to! We get to be reunited with all of our friends, and question how we made it through the summer without them. All of the clubs and sports that we loved will be back in full swing. There may even be one or two classes that we’re excited about—not to mention all of the social gatherings that are bound to take place. With so much going on when we go back to school, it’s important that we bring our fashion A-game.

This Fashionisto has the right idea when it comes to going back to school in style. He’s sporting a baby blue patterned polo T-shirt with khaki-colored bermuda shorts. Polos are a great in-between garment for when you want to look classy and well put together, but not too dressy. This Fashionisto is also rocking a pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. Some may say that these boat shoes reek of preppy frat boy, but these shoes have become iconic summer staples for both men and women. Sperry Top-Siders are also great for an “in-between look”. They’re more sophisticated than a sneaker, but they’re not as formal as a wingtip dress shoe. The Fashionisto also garnished his look with a Tommy Hilfiger watch and a dark brown leather belt (because no outfit would be complete without accessories!). Whether he’s running to class or grabbing lunch and catching up with friends, this Fashionisto’s outfit is a great casual look that is still polished and will be sure to impress.

One Simple Change: Traveling to visit a friend at his or her college for the weekend? This look works perfectly if you swap out the polo for one of your favorite basic crew neck T-shirts! You’ll be comfortable enough during your travels and you’ll look great and be ready to go when you get to wherever you’re headed!