WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

If you’re like me, then you’re already trying to figure out what to wear for your first day of classes. It’s a big day of first impressions and that puts a lot of pressure on one outfit.

The Fashionista pictured was spotted wearing a great ensembleperfect for that day of meeting and greeting new and old people, her outfit would be sure to pop in a boring classroom. Bold colors came together without becoming overwhelminghard to do, though key for class. Her choice of a dress was perfect for a still-summer day where the air conditioning’s not quite kicked in. Shorts can sometimes get uncomfortable when you are sitting in a cramped desk in a sweaty classroom. However, this Fashionista’s choice of dress was both flowy and would to prevent leg seat sticking. Plus, utilizing a sundress like hers would come off casual enough so you don’t look like you are trying too hard.

Accessories are perfect for showing a bit of who you are on the inside. The necklaces this fashionista wore added a bit about her personality to the lookwhich great for that first day when you’re seeing so many new people, but not really getting a chance to talk to any of them. Try finding something that you think really represents you.

The first day of class is not just about socializing, it’s a syllabus day; a day full of plans for the semester and maybe a couple of handouts. You might be excited to test out your backpack that first day out, though if not, all you really need is a small cross-body bag (similar to this Fashionista’s) with your phone, some pens and your keys.

Finally, why would you want to wear anything but sandals on the first day of school? Sneakers are too hot and heels would just leave your feet sore after a full day of walking. A good pair of sandals would combine style with comfort. The neutral shoes the Fashionista is sporting compliment her outfit well, allowing the bold colors of her ensemble to make their statement without detracting from the outfit.

For your first day, think bold, fun and don’t forget comfortableyou can be anyone you want on your first day of class, but the best outfit will show who you really are.

One Simple Change: A dressier pair of shoes and a blazer would transform this into a respectable outfit for an interview.