WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

January 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

I thought what a better way to kick-start this semester then introducing a “Back to School” article featuring fashion tips.

I know y’all be thinking that l need a whole new wardrobe to start my new semester in style but with a couple of key items, you will score A+ this spring semester, at least in your style. Just carry on reading.

By now you must have had a long lazy winter break, and you must be thinking that time flies so quickly but sadly it is this time of the year again and yet another semester is calling. Let’s face it, starting a spring semester is definitely easier, as you definitely left those freshmen days behind in the last semester.

It’s easy to forget how to dress for spring weather when you have never-ending winter like we do in England. Now, l am talking about spring, which is about two months from now; however, it doesn’t really affect a man’s attire as it isn’t really about the change in climate, although it does sharpen the choice of the colors we chose.

So how does one rock his first ‘back to college’ look? This Fashionisto is the perfect example for showing how true a college must act in encouraging its students not only for high grades in studies but also how #RAD outfits they wear.

He kept a casual look from top to the bottom with some cool items which you definitely need to own in your wardrobe, to be called Fashionisto. Invest in a very trendy pair of pants that can be worn quite often in the week (well, they need to be washed). A good pair of shoes is the go for completing the outfit because they will walk you around the campuses in comfort and pull off any outfit. To keep warm on those heavy winds/rains, he has thrown on a fleece hoodie and styled it with a parka.

For sure, this Fashionisto is ready to kick-start the college in the coolest way.

One Simple Change: Just finished your first day and you now have a date with your girlfriend? Whether it is eating out in a restaurant, watching a movie or just hanging around, try switching the shoes for pointed toe shoes for a more appropriate look and you’ve got the Ryan Gosling look there!