WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

You know what they say, “You’ll never have a second chance to make a first impression.” On your first day of class, you want to dress to showcase your personality; you want to make friends with like-minded individuals and people with common interests while trying to come off as somewhat approachable. This Fashionista may look a little intimidating, but she obviously isn’t trying to appeal to the general crowd. She may want people to keep their distance unless they’re up for a little trouble. Her hair shouts “punk” and her attitude seems to radiate that, as well. Dressing to fit your persona during the first week can be an easy way to keep away those that judge too quickly or harshly and draw in others with similar tastes.

This Fashionista manages to tone down the punk factor by wearing a collared shirt and a pleated skirt, which both could be labeled as “clean-cut” if seen out of context. The skirt, however, has a metallic sheen of green/blue trim at the bottom, which gives it an edgier look. This element also has the same hues as her hair; this helps keep her color scheme consistent and it’s also visually appealing.

Another interesting tactic she uses is balancing out the severeness of her ensemble with some innocent and playful canvas Mary Janes. These shoes definitely contribute to a “gothic school girl” look while helping it appear more youthful. Now, the backpack she is carrying is a very bold statement piece: Bat wings with lace equals huge eye-catcher. She finishes off the look with a simple quartz crystal choker. I thoroughly enjoy the addition of quartz jewelry to an outfit. Since quartz is clear, it’ll match anything, so it’s super easy to accessorize with!

One Simple Change: This look could be transformed completely into a girl’s night out look with just a change of footwear. Some platform high heels would work splendidly for a night out on the town with your favorite girlies!