WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

If you were to walk into the Fabiano/Emmons/Woldt (FEW) lobby at Central Michigan University (CMU) this Fashionista would be the first smiling and friendly face to say hello and welcome you back home. That would be because back to school has officially kicked off and this Fashionista doubles as a student and front desk worker at one of the lobbies in a campus Residence Hall. A desk worker on campus is not a job where you have to wear dresses and heels or a suit and tie, but you can dress to impress with your own personal flair, just like today’s Fashionista did.

Her maroon pants support her inner CMU pride which is home to the colors maroon and gold. To add a little spice in her life she added a fun and functional knit scarf. Scarves are an essential staple for any Fashionista’s wardrobe, especially a learning college student. As fall is just around the corner and quickly rolling in, this Fashionista is dressed to impress.

Although some restrictions are placed on the wardrobe of what a deskie (desk worker) can wear, she knows how to work the system and do so fashionably at that.

The TOMS shoes that accompany this outfit are spunky and functional for a day on her feet walking around campus and helping residents and others while at the front desk.

This Fashionista makes it known that just because school has started, that does not mean that the fashion frenzy has to stop. Keep it rolling on.

One Simple Change: If going from work to possibly a date night (with a friend, boy or a group of gal pals) this Fashionista could exchange her maroon pants for a fun and funky maroon skirt. This would add an additionally girly flair and with tights underneath the outfit could keep the same amount of warmth as the pants for the upcoming fall and possibly chilly weather.