WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

A new school year gives you a perfect opportunity to spice up your wardrobe. When spending all of your days running to class and pulling all-nighters in the library, having stylish outfits on hand is always a good mood-booster. Although we dream of going back to school embodying our inner Serena van der Woodsen with some killer high heels and fancy dress, we all know college calls for staying practical. As I was rushing to the dining hall, I spotted this Fashionista who clearly is a pro at pulling off the practical yet stylish vibe. Looking effortlessly cool against one of Columbia University’s many pretty lamp posts, this Minnesota native is laid back and ready to make her back to school debut.

For the past week, New York City has been experiencing a serious heat wave, so this Fashionista made a good choice by wearing a skirt and crop top ensemble. The lightweight material of her tie-front skirt will keep her cool as she runs from class to class. The skirt is polished yet casual as she paired it with a signature simple white crop top. Instead of following the New York rule of wearing all-black all the time, this Fashionista balances the dark colors of her sneakers and skirt with the soft white of her top. The dainty long necklace and vintage bracelets on her wrist add a touch of personality to this classic outfit.

As if this Fashionista wasn’t already on trend enough, she’s sporting a pair New Balance sneakers. When you have four classes in a row and they’re all scattered around campus, there’s no doubt that sneakers are your go-to shoe. You also can’t forget about the bag she’s carrying. Her Steve Madden cross-body bag is the perfect size for stuffing in your laptop, textbooks and other college essentials and the nylon material is durable and waterproof so it will last all semester. The finishing touch is her brown Urban Outfitters shades that stand out beautifully against her beach blonde hair. It looks like there’s nothing stopping her this semester.

One Simple Change: Have a dinner date with a campus cutie? Switch the sneakers with a cute pair of sandals to make this studious campus look ready for a flirty date night.