WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Going back to school is such a daunting experience and personally, I can say that it doesn’t really get any easier as the years go on. Some individuals get riddled with anxiety and self-doubt as they start a new year at school and find themselves second-guessing every decision they make from the classes they have chosen, down to what they chose to wear in their first week. But this Fashionista clearly has a handle on her situation.

She adheres to both comfort and style, which are not mutually exclusive, with a slouchy salt and pepper cardigan draped over a ribbed cropped sweater, which fits like a second skin. The bottom of her sweater is met by the brim of her black high-waisted skirt. Accounting for the slight breeze, she opts for a pair of black knee-high socks and a black, floppy brim wool hat for good measure.

In the city, we are currently observing the wondrous case of the disappearing toes, where sandals and peep toe heels are turning into full-on ankle boots and, you guessed it, closed toe heels. This Fashionista follows suit with a pair of high heel chukka boots in taupe.

This ensemble is your quintessential “transition to fall” look. It features staple pieces from both summer and fall and ultimately forms into a cohesive and comfortable combination. Whether we choose to focus on the palette this student has chosen to follow or the components of the entire look, there is a clear taste of seasons, both past and future.

One Simple Change: It happens to be a Friday, so naturally you’ve made plans for a night out with some good pals. The only problem is that you won’t have much time for an elaborate costume change of sorts after class. Don’t fret! Just drop the hat and grab a purse for all your necessities.