WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we all know, summer is over and as much as we would love to rewind back to June, we have to go back to school. Meaning more reading than sleeping and more schoolwork than partying, but it will all be alright because it is only the beginning of this school year; so let’s embrace it. One of the many challenges we all will face is the question of  “What am I going to wear?” Well don’t fret because I have you covered! In order to go back in style, let’s take some tips from this Fashionista who easily solved the “back to school’ fashion conundrum.

Dressed in a white floral blouse, this Fashionista took one of the most trendy fashion statements of the summer and let it speak for itself. Paired with a nice ripped jean, the floral blouse gave the outfit a great transition from summer to fall weather. She then added a pair of rhinestone-embellished black sandals to add a little edge and flair to the somewhat muted colors in the outfit. For accessories, a beautiful spiked, two-toned cross-body bag was added to tie in the edge of the black sandals without taking away from the outfit as a whole. Last but not least, this Fashionista decided to where subtle silver and red rhinestone encrusted daisy earrings to tie in a touch of flower power mixed into the already “floral meets edgy” ensemble. This Fashionista definitely is ready to take on any challenges this “back to school” season.

One Simple Change: Not going back to school just yet and want one last fun summer night before school starts? Change out the ripped jeans with a pair of black jeans and get ready to paint the town red for a girl’s night out.