WHAT TO WEAR: Back to school

“Back to school” is a bittersweet thing to hear. After a long summer you finally get to see friends, take new classes and most importantly back to school shopping. If you’ve ever been to the University of Alabama then you know that most people do not dress up for class. Most people here wear T-shirts and Nike shorts everyday. I’m guilty of this, as well. It’s comfortable and easy; no thought process involved. However, you do find those diamonds in the rough that still manage to rock their personal style no matter what the “campus uniform” is. This Fashionista is rocking her cool, but still casual threads amongst the sea of T-shirts.

Her California-inspired outfit pulls together classic pieces that you could dress up or down. She paired a nice, black tank top from Brandy Melville with some vintage high-waisted Levi Brand jean shorts. She also added a flannel shirt and white Converse for a ‘90s touch. This is a nice outfit because each piece on its own is very casual and comfortable, but put them all together and you have a look that’s very stylish. It’s equally as comfortable as a T-shirt and Nike shorts, but wearing this you would stand out from the crowd. I love this look because, like I said before, it’s very easy to dress up or down. It’s good to have statement pieces in your closet, especially when it’s back to school time. We all know the struggle of picking out something to wear in the mornings, but with these staple items it’s simple to mix and match.

One Simple Change: One could easily take this look from day to night. All that would be needed is a great pair of wedges and a statement necklace and you’re set.