WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As many Fashionistas know, there’s an unspoken rule about how to treat the color black. Seasonal limits or passing trends don’t apply when it comes to wearing it. This color works for all seasons, at any time of the day and dressing for back to school is no exception. Essentially, black is above any rule. Even in the heat of a Texan summer, this Fashionista wears black as the majority of her outfit. The style and cut of her black pants are reminiscent of joggers, which are at the height of the latest athletic leisure trends, and a must-have for this fall. Any kind of black pants are an invaluable staple that can add a sophisticated edge, and dress up a casual top when paired with the right shoes.

The pants coupled with a black and white crop top and mini platform sandals display casual chic, which is perfect for tackling new classes as well as hanging around the campus coffee shop. Similar to the functionality of black pants, a black and white shirt of any kind is a quintessential part of any wardrobe. When it comes to shoes, Fashionistas with petite frames often cherish the added height (and comfort) of a flat platform without potentially feeling overdressed for class, as one might with heels. This look, complemented by delicate jewelry and a soft headband, is a great outfit for easing back into the rigorous university schedule.

One Simple Change: For a girl’s night out, swap the platform sandals for pumps in black or a bright color to contrast the monochrome palette of the outfit.