WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As we are all heading back to school, one thing is on our minds: “What am I going to wear?” Okay, maybe we are slightly more concerned about our grades and job possibilities, but it is definitely at least an afterthought. Whether you prefer to wear your pajamas to class or you can be found strutting around in the latest trends, you are putting a little thought into what you are wearing. Personally, two of the most important aspects of an outfit for me around this time of the year are how comfortable it will be and how cool it will help keep me.

This Fashionista definitely hit the mark on both of those points! Donning a plain, burnt-out T-shirt, a striped skirt and matching Birkenstocks, she not only looks cute and put together, but is also beating the heat while staying comfy. The Calvin Klein sports bra subtly peeking through her top is also on-trend and adds an extra element to the outfit. Her necklace is unique and helps to add a personal touch to the ensemble.

Whether you want to keep your look more casual and pajama-chic, or try out a more fashionable outfit like this awesome Fashionista, just be sure that you rock whatever it is you choose to wear!

One Simple Change: Are you planning to go out with friends later? Try swapping the skirt for a pair of light wash skinny jeans for a slightly more casual look that will keep you warm as the night gets chillier!