WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As the new school year begins, the air begins to fill with anticipation. We find ourselves wondering who our roommates will be, what our classes will be like and if this is the year that we finally join that organization some professor told us about last year. As college students, we all know that the beginning of the school year is just as hectic as finals week. From moving out of storage and into a new place, to trying to find anything at Wal-Mart, we become exhausted and our appearances begin to show it.

This Fashionisto, however, has managed to deal with back to school duties in style. One of the most impressive feats of his outfit is his particular attention to detail. The teal found in his snapback serves as the color palette for the rest of his outfit. The same blue hue is present in both his graphic T-shirt and Nike Air Jordan sneakers. To complete his outfit, this Fashionisto paired the blue hues with khaki-colored cargo pants. His gold watch by Marc Jacobs, gold earrings and grill were the perfect accessories to finalize his fit. This Fashionisto is more than ready to start the semester off in style!

One Simple Change: After a long day of moving, going to class and running errands, we are all more than a little ready for a celebration, right? If you’re looking for a little comfort with a lot of style to get wild in, trade in your cargo pants for a pair of joggers. From fleece and denim, to so much more, you’ll always be ready to party in style.