WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Well, it’s that time of year again, and just like every other person in the world I’m not too excited to be starting school again. However, I LOVE fall fashion, so finding the perfect back to school outfits make school so much more bearable.

This Fashionista knows what’s up when it comes to back to school style. Her look is subtle yet sleek; as she’s wearing a soft gray dress with flow-y feminine sleeves, while the accent color of black is adding some edge. The gray cotton dress is a smart choice because it’s cute but super comfortable for class. A simple dress like that goes with everything and should be a staple piece in your closest. When you sleep through your alarm and are late for class, you can pull it on and still look put together.  Her black tote is great for school as it has room for books, but it is also a great transitional piece for going from class to out in the city. This Fashionista went light on the accessories, which is appropriate because it is not necessary to be decked out in jewelry; sometimes it even ends up being a distraction. You want to make an impression but not be too loud or showy. Her simple layered chain looks clean cut and effortless. To top it off, she added a simple and chic black sandal, as it is still hot out and they’re easy to walk in (and we ALL want to wear sandals for as long as possible).

Overall, it’s clear this Fashionista has nothing to worry about this semester, as her style is A+ worthy.

One Simple Change: Going straight from class to dinner with friends? Switch from sandals to a pair of edgy booties and apply a dark pink lip. And, voila! You’re ready to go.