WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

So, you’re getting back into the college life groove and this year and you’re ready to take on new fashion looks? I am too! My school, Marist College, just so happens to have a huge fashion program and thus, as I look around campus, I see people trying trendy looks left and right. It’s like watching the best street-style fashion show of your life without really having to go anywhere at all! As I looked around me, I found a Fashionista that really made her look an original one and I was quite impressed. No matter where you go to school, you could wear sweatpants and a T-shirt to class or you could be like this Fashionista and have a fun with crafting your outfit masterpiece. You decide!

This Fashionista caught my eye on campus by rocking a unique look: she paired a jean button-down dress with black fishnet stockings, some leather and black-mirrored sunnies to add an extra edge to her look. She even managed to add a little boho element into her look with a tribal necklace! A dress similar to the one that this Fashionista wore can be found at Intermix and even better, it’s on sale! Nordstrom Rack is also selling identical criss-cross tights to the ones that this Fashionista wore. Moreover, if you want to incorporate any of her accessories into your own masterpiece, you can get a similar tote from Nordstrom Rack as well and her sunglasses from Nieman Marcus. As for the tribal necklace, you can find many different variations of it!

When you see unique looks on campus, let them inspire you! You can incorporate parts of any outfit you see into one of your own–It’s like having a creative art project to do every day and it’s a blast!

One Simple Change: To make this look more suitable for traveling, you can switch out the black tights and boots for some comfortable, yet trendy, white sneakers.