WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Ah, the first week of school. I like to call it syllabus week or syllabus day, because after you get that syllabus everything gets real. The first week is filled with everyone dressing cute and fashionable while they still have the energy too. Everyone’s sporting all the latest trends and hairstyles. So obviously the first day, everyone’s going to bring out their best looks and strut the campus like it’s their runway. This Fashionista had no problem showing she’s way too cool for school.

This Fashionista channeled her inner grunge and went straight to the classics. She’s wearing very complementing mesh button-up and destroyed black jeans from GUESS, which she cut up herself! You go girl! The mesh top is a great idea to beat the summer heat and the button up always a good sophisticated and ready to work look. Her even darker blue brallete gives a soft yet sexy look to her outfit. She ends it with a very simple yet cute black tote from Gap and some black oxfords and her shades keeping her cool for the summer. Then she decided to give us life with her black floppy hat, that in the end complements her whole outfit and makes her look like she’s down for business.

One Simple Change: So it’s the last day of your first week? Well it doesn’t matter if you’re going bar hopping or out to eat. Lose the floppy hat and throw that hair in a bun and you’ll look instantly more mature and ready for a fun girl’s night out.