WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As summer begins to wind down and the upcoming season of fall takes over, that could only mean one thing for us college students…back to school time. Usually during the first few weeks of school, we dress to impress, then slowly begin to slack a little. Even though we slack on our outfits, Fashionistas/os still know how to rock a casual laid back chic style.

What attire you choose depends on what the climate is like near your college campus area. For cooler climates, casual clothes such as joggers, button-downs and sweaters can be worn. For warmer climates, casual clothes that can be worn include shorts, V-necks and skirts. Of course, these are just a few suggestions for clothing.

This Fashionisto attends school in a cooler climate region. He is wearing a stylish patterned henley shirt, accompanied by black joggers with deep pockets to hold a cellphone, keys and a wallet. As for an accessory he is wearing a Fitbit, which has the time, how many steps you have taken, and much more! This casual back to school outfit is tied together with a classic pair of Nike shoes.

This outfit is fashionable while being comfortable, especially when waiting for your next class which could take up to an hour or more! Why stress about your get-up when school is enough stress already?

One Simple Change: If you’re heading to the gym after class, bring along a T-shirt or cut-off shirt to swap out with the henley shirt to complete a stylish work out look.