WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

October 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Wow, summer’s really over. I guess the good things in life really don’t last forever. It sure seems like the most annoying things in life such as school last forever though. Well, have no fear, summer is still kind of here. So even though it’s time to buckle down and get the books out, doesn’t mean that we have to put away the short-shorts and sandals just yet.

This Fashionista is not ready to let go of summer just yet, but really, can you blame her? Nothing compares to the carefree, warm and seemingly endless fun days of summer. So why not try to hold on to those priceless moments as long as possible? This Fashionista’s high-waisted, acid wash shorts couldn’t be more meant for summer days. Keeping it casual with a long, side-cut sweater, this sweater can actually be a great piece to transition into fall if you like to get creative with your clothes and know how to work them into different seasons effectively and stylishly. These shorts and top paired together with simple jeweled sandals are a great choice for transitioning back into school mode. So don’t get too bummed out by the fact that summer fun has come to the end; instead, rejoice in the fact that incredible fall fashion is slowly but surely creeping up on us.

One Simple Change: Say walking around campus all day is really killing your soles and you’re getting ready for brunch with your friends. Simply change into a new trending style, flat slip-on sneakers. They’re so casual and comfy but yet still so chic that any true Fashionista could pull them off.