WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As the summer comes to a close, all Fashionistas/os alike are gearing up for classes, and more importantly, fall outfits. While girls get ready with their leggings, boots and sweaters, the men may have some different styles in mind. Some of the most popular looks for men in schools across the country, especially in this upcoming fall season, are fitted khaki pants, a colorful button up, some Sperry Top-Siders and maybe even a bucket hat. This is a widely popular “frat boy” style, but this Fashionisto took it upon himself to change up the “frat boy” look into a more relaxed, yet sophisticated outfit altogether.

This Fashionisto kept the look classic with fitted khaki pants but went for a more casual top, a long sleeve white pocket T-shirt with a blue wave accent across the chest and sleeves. He also traded in his bucket hat for a red East Hampton snapback cap, and Sperry Top-Siders for white Nike sneakers.  This is the perfect back to school look for the fall because it not only takes a popular trend and transforms it into a more casual look, but also gives off a relaxed, confident vibe to teachers, peers and other Fashionista/os alike.

One Simple Change: After syllabus week is over and there’s some time to treat yourself before real essays and tests are thrust upon you, a date night may be in order.  To take this look from casual to mature and classy, trade the soft white tee for a button-up or polo shirt, remove the hat and you’re on your way to impressing your date not only with your winning personality, but also with your impeccably stylish and sophisticated ensemble!