WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

As you could imagine, the 90 degree weather caused me to wear shorts and a tank top on the first day of class. I was truly sad about this since I’d much rather prefer work an oversized sweater and high-waisted jeans combination, but the desire to not have a heat stroke got the best of me (whatever). Overall, that week of school ended just as it usually does—with a giant load of laundry and assigned reading to do. Since I’m well trained in the field of procrastination, I haven’t fully completed either task, and as I look at my dirty clothes hamper, I’ve decided that I can make it through another two weeks until I run out of practical clothing to wear. After that, I’ll have to settle for my “winter” gear, which has been specially cultivated for California’s infamously nonexistent season; lightweight sweaters, tall boots and motorcycle jackets are some of my loves, but sweaty pits are not. So, after typing out this analysis, I realize that, yeah, I should do my laundry. Maybe.

But, more importantly, I should reveal this month’s chosen one, who makes me wish that my hair and hats could get along. Rocking the edgy bohemian vibe from head to toe, our Fashionista proves that fringe isn’t only for cowgirls. This chick’s suede booties and leather studded cross-body is Southwestern-with-a-rocker-edge, while her black and white babydoll dress offers unique lace details and artsy, geometrical prints. The floppy hat and huge shades channel Vanessa Hudgens’ iconic boho style, while this Fashionista’s tattoo choker makes it known that she is definitely a true ’90s girl. It certainly seems like someone’s got their first week outfit ideas down pat and I’m totally envious.

One Simple Change: Want to connect with your inner free spirit both day and night? No problem—toss on your favorite knitted shawl or cardigan to keep warm during the cooler fall evenings.