WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Fall is here, and, needless to say, I’m very excited to begin my second semester with CollegeFashionista! I promised in my STYLE GURU BIO that I would show you only the true Fashionistas/os that my campus has to offer. I have no intention of breaking my promise, so… here we go!

In Cleveland, fall is a tricky season. Temperature difference between day and night is rather drastic. You might step out in the afternoon in shorts, and come evening time, you could very well be borrowing something to cover yourself with from your friends.

The long cardigan the featured Fashionista has on seems to be both the solution against the unpredictable weather and the device that smoothens the Fashionista’s silhouette under the tight garments she has on inside. It’s a smart, season exclusive maneuver.

To further discuss the outerwear, the pop of white is what first caught my attention. In filmmaking, there is a device called the green screen. The color green itself is nothing special, but it is considered the color that is seen the least with everyday outfits. Thus, it is easier to edit the green screen while leaving the subject intact. The white outerwear acts as the Fashionista’s green screen that she can swap out for anything when the mood strikes.

As the Fashionista is dressed for school, accessories are kept to minimum. Yet, the Fashionista’s sense to overlay the gold cross on top of her wine top was a superb move that very easily heightens the richness of her outfit. The bold straps of her sandals match the main fit well, too.

Cleveland State is a vibrant school, but the rest of the city even more so. The Fashionista is a pioneer who is ready to enjoy any spot within the city—on or off-campus!

One Simple Change: Chuck the flat footwear and easygoing outerwear in the car; a pair of high heels and a leather jacket would prepare you to venture out after class.