WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

I could immediately tell this Fashionista is an experienced student by her brisk walk and cute, yet practical outfit. I had to almost break into a jog to catch up with her and her perfect back to school ensemble.

Her look is sweet and scholarly—the perfect combination to make a good impression on classmates and professors. To make it a triple threat, this look is also smart. It’s impossible to make tennis shoes work with every outfit, but flats are the next best thing for walking around a large college campus. These flexible, brown flats are versatile so they could be paired with a variety of outfits as the summer ends and we transition into fall.

I love florals so this feminine, floral romper is something that really appeals to me. The long sleeves and pockets make this romper perfect! It’s casual, but the sleeves make it a little dressier. Unlike a dress or skirt, a romper is safe from wardrobe malfunctions and is safe to wear on even windy days. It looks stellar and is something you will feel comfortable in all day! This Fashionista added a little flare to her romper with a fun purse. Her adorable owl cross-body purse adds character and wit to her cute look.

Finding your classes is just one of the many struggles that a new school year brings. No matter what year you are, freshman, senior or even graduate student, the first week is always a little hectic. Large sunglasses can help mask your struggle, shield out the sun and make a great fashion statement. Sunglasses always add an element of cool. They can make someone look calm and collected, even on the most frazzling of days like the first day of class. And finding classes is also a lot easier if you aren’t squinting with the sun in your eyes. Large, patterned glasses are super fashionable and an easy accessory to complement any summer look.

One Simple Change: You look so adorable in your floral romper that the cute guy you purposely sat next to in class asks you on a date for later that night! Luckily, you don’t have to panic about changing and coming up with another great outfit for a night out. By simply changing out the flats with nude heels or wedges and adding a jacket and some jewelry, this outfit is ready to go to dinner and a movie!