WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

I’ve already gotten the first few e-mails from my professors as school begins to start back up. It’s Welcome Week here in Iowa City. For this bustling Midwest college town, that means fun activities around every corner, the return of most of the city’s population and an influx of parents as they help their kids get moved-in and situated for the school year.

During this time, upperclassmen are tying up loose ends and enjoying their last few days of summer before graduation. This Fashionista finds balance in her style by mixing up trendy pieces with more adult-like pieces. This kind of outfit is the perfect style to welcome campus-life back with.

The delicate detailing found in the back of her shirt is perfect and made to meet with professionals, parents and professors. The light blouse is lightweight but still provides comfort when the weather gets humid. The jeans fit loosely, which gives the ensemble a casual air to it that I love. Welcome Week has been slightly cloudy and mostly rainy, so a little more fabric couldn’t hurt in lieu of moving clothes.

Finally, this Fashionista is wearing a pair of wedge sneakers. There are many variations of this hybrid shoe combination. Some of them are sticking on campus and others are missing the mark. These sneaker-wedges are definitely a hit! They are inconspicuous and this Fashionista rocks them as though they were sandals. Just like the rest of this outfit, the shoes are a great mix of professionalism and a style brought out by the fun and trendy atmosphere of Iowa City.

As you go back to the grind, be sure to find outfits that reflect who you are and make you comfortable! There is no better feeling than walking back on campus after a long summer feeling and looking your best. Dress for success, and this school year will be RAD!

One Simple Change: The jeans of this outfit could easily be switched out for a pair of dress pants to finish up the last few days of your summer internship!