WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As we come full circle and wait for the fall semester to begin, let’s take a second to imagine all of the luxurious sweaters and the multitude of lightweight jackets that await us…oh, and the printed scarfs, range of boots…

Clearly fall weather is my favorite time of the year to brainstorm gold star approved outfits. So wipe those tears away and step aside from the bronzer. It’s time to crack open that makeup vault of berry and dark hued lipsticks to match our fall school palettes. Cleanse your mind of all the daunting finals that await and let me whisk you into good spirits with this first outfit idea for the new year.

Of course, for starters you still want to show off that wonderful tan you have accumulated throughout the summer. This Fashionista has the right attitude in mind with her black fit-and-flare dress. The length of the dress is modest enough for school and isn’t form-fitting, so you’re sure to be comfortable when you sit in those long lecture classes. Crochet pieces and light knitwear have been summer favorites, and will definitely transition into the rest of the year. Throw on a similar cardigan to prepare for those classes that have the AC on full blast. The delicate detailing will add that extra appeal to any basics you fling on and want to help stand out. Complete the look with any jewelry that won’t clink loudly or be in the way of your fast paced note-taking skills. As a final touch, sling on interwoven basic sandals to go along with the paired down bohemian vibe and your go-to tote of choice.

One Simple Change: Swap your tote for a clutch with a vibrant hue. Use oil absorbing sheets to blot any excess oils on your face, and swipe on an equally vibrant lip color. You’re officially ready to tell your friends the details of your first few classes at an after-school girl’s night out.