WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Back in the day, when school was highly anticipated, back to school shopping was a favorite of mine. The back to school shopping commercials that clog up our TVs are a friendly reminder that, soon, shorts won’t be enough to keep us warm and that we need to run to Staples ASAP to get every school supply possible. I never understood why my grammar school required us to bring Kleenex for our classroom. It’s also kind of funny to me that parents feel the need to take their kids shopping for new clothes before school starts up again. Yet, again, we all can admit the confidence boost we got sporting some new gauchos.

Here, our Fashionista is sporting a look that can easily be imitated. Her twist on the striped T-shirt paired with a pair of shorts is a comfy yet cute outfit to show off her personal style, even in class. Paired with her gladiator sandals, she is ready to start the semester off on the right foot. Accessories can easily be switched up or not worn at all for a school environment. I know that I can’t stand certain bracelets that jingle in class as I take notes. I can’t even imagine how annoyed the other students around me are. It is so easy for college students to use the their busy college schedules as an excuse to sport leggings and fraternity tank tops every day. Especially as the weather gets colder, our style seems to fade under our oversized sweatshirts.

One Simple Change: Switch out the gladiators for some low-top Converse if your class schedule involves a ton of walking. And don’t forget your book bag of choice!