WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

The humidity in Georgia is in full throttle and so is the rain! We have been looking for ways to share our inner Fashionista with the world as we combat frizzy hair and sweaty palms. I’m positive that everyone has those days when we just can’t take the rebellion that is our hair, or the limitations of clothing options we have in our wardrobe for going back to school.

This Fashionista knows exactly what to do when it comes to crossing those boundaries and expressing just how amazing summer can be when you wear the right things. For example, her light-wash denim shorts paired with a belt. It not only complements her ankle-strap moccasins, but also the sheer, baby blue kimono. I believe this kimono really makes the outfit because, without it, it’s just a regular camisole and jean shorts, which is a bit too showy for class.

Another favorite to focus on are the accessories; they can make even your most worn out, go-to pieces into brand new, back to school picks. Whether it’s a pair of chic sunglasses, miniscule detailed watches or leather bangles, accessories can make a dull outfit look exciting. The eyes can tell when an outfit is well put together, and I can attest to this look.

With August coming to an end, we’re beginning to reassemble our own calculated schedule and reunite with college friends. It’s difficult to leave our summer memories behind. Yet, when looking forward to all the events (and outfits) the new school year has to offer, how could we not be excited? I, for one, see it as a chance to show off all my cute, new finds and style them together into new looks that are the envy of my campus.

One Simple Change: Going from class to a study group? Trade your sunglasses for a hair band to get those loose, rebellious baby hairs out of the way of what’s important. Put on pants instead of shorts because every college Fashionista/o knows that after hours at a time, the library always tends to get a little chilly!