WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

From class to work and extracurricular activities, we are continuously running or aggressively power walking around campus. We are in constant need of an outfit that is both sassy and manageable. With our puzzling schedules, we may stand in front of our closets frustrated and constantly debating what to wear. It is even trickier in this late summer season as the temperatures can still challenge us to dress accordingly. Shorts are fun but may be unprofessional if you have work after class. Other garments of choice would be a nice dress or skirt, but be careful because of the sneaky winds. That’s why length is so important.

I came across this Fashionista at the delicious Dessert Oasis in Downtown Rochester (still dreaming about that cheesecake by the way). She spiced up her uniformed T-shirt with a splendid midi, floral skirt. Midi and maxi skirts are the perfect length because they are professional, sassy and they don’t recreate the Marilyn Monroe scene in the Seven Year Itch. This skirt has a lightweight fabric that doesn’t trap heat and withstands the whammy of a heated day.

Not only does her yellow and red floral pattern stand out, but her accessories also bring her outfit to the next level. From her peaceful belt to her multiple bracelets and rings, this Fashionista is very successful when it comes to accessorizing. I was inspired by not only her floral skirt but the fact that she remained to be in her personal style for work. Just like this Fashionista did, don’t forget to show your off your new tattoos you got over the summer!

One Simple Change: Has your outfit and cool personality caught the attention of many and even landed you a date later on? Stay chic by switching into a cold shoulder top, perfect to see a RAD movie in. Don’t worry, when your shoulders get cold, he will offer you his jacket.