WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

I am sure everyone remembers the first time they picked up what they thought was a dress only to realize it had a surprising pair of shorts attached to the bottom. No one could figure out what this contraption was. Was it a skort gone wrong? Was it a onesie that was acceptable to wear on the street? In fact, it was nothing other than the now famous romper coming into style.

Rompers are a great piece of clothing to buy whether you are headed to the beach, a concert or a night out with friends. They are practical and comfortable while still remaining stylish and on trend. For this reason, they are such an important piece to pack for your back to school necessities.

This Fashionista noticed the ‘70s trend that has been storming the streets and bought a romper with some retro bell-bottom sleeves. The cut in the sleeves is not too wide to make them look like a costume, but just flowy enough that they remind you of the groovy looks of the time. She pairs them with some strappy black heels and simple jewelry for the perfect outfit for a day walking around the city that will surely turn into a great night out. The additional snakeskin cross-body makes for a great statement piece in an unexpected pattern.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look and make it perfect for the fall? Wear it with tights and some booties. If it is really cold add a scarf and your favorite leather jacket. Perfect for back to school where early September and late September feel like two completely different seasons.