WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

When the new school year is just around the corner, us girls can’t help it but to start and prepare out new wardrobe for the fresh year. How can we not think about what to wear for the first day? What will that trendy girl wear? And maybe this year my guy will notice me. So before you go all crazy and lose your minds about what to wear, I found the perfect back to school outfits for you all. Just don’t forget to give it your personal and unique touch so you can start and build up your signature style and not just copy what you see in the magazine.

This rad Fashionista was wearing such an easy and comfortable outfit, yet super trendy. Her overall denim dress is the perfect length for school. It’s not too short, making it appropriate to go to class and talk to professors. Underneath, she’s wearing a black T-shirt that covers the sides, another thing that makes her appropriate for school. And she is rocking black Birkenstock sandals that are super trendy these days and will be super comfortable to walk all over campus with. Her hair is pulled up just in one side, letting few bangs fall on her face. This is a super cute hair style for first day of school and not so hard to do on your own. Last but not least, she had a vintage black leather backpack that can carry books in a comfortable way.

One Simple Change: Going to a beginning of the year concert and don’t have time to go change before? Just change the T-shirt to a long sleeve crop top so that you won’t be as cold as the sun sets. And put on some cute sneakers. Oh, and one last thing, don’t forget to have fun!