WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

So long July, and hello August! That’s right, August has finally arrived and that can only mean one thing: the official start of back to school shopping. It has become so popular it should technically become its own holiday! Shopping for school is more than buying the books or the school supplies or the dorm accessories. We all know it’s about the wardrobe. Everyone will be looking to see what your outfit selections are for that first week of school. Your first stop: a cute shirt and leggings.

Being comfortable is key to sitting in hard plastic chairs all day long, and a nice pair of black leggings is the perfect go-to for those long school days. A button-down T-shirt complements the laid back feel of the leggings. What is great about this type of shirt is that it can be styled with leggings, jeans or a skirt…you name it, and it can be paired with it! These two pieces are the must-have combination for those long walks around campus!

This Fashionista here chooses a simple pair of black leggings with a sheer, ivory button-down shirt and light camisole underneath. The leggings provide nice flexibility for her legs in case she ends up running to any classes. The ivory button-down contrasts with the black to create a classic look. Another benefit to this shirt is the sheer material, which is light enough to wear so she won’t have to sweat the weather or the books!

This Fashionista completes her look with simple touches, such as black Vans shoes and her fuchsia Longchamp bag. She also wears a small silver necklace and a cute but messy ponytail to finish her relaxed look. The black tennis shoes provide her feet with comfort and fashion, while the Longchamp bag is the must-have to hold all of your school necessities. The necklace adds a touch of elegance to the overall casualness of her outfit and her ponytail, which appears more tamed when combined with an outfit like this.

One Simple Change: Done with a busy week full of classes and ready to run some errands over the weekend? Then swap out the button-down shirt for a solid V-neck T-shirt and you’re ready to hit the stores!