WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

As far away as it may seem, the school year is quickly approaching. This means that it’s time to shop until you drop for new books, school supplies and last but not least, clothes!

I spotted this Fashionista sporting the perfect back to school outfit. When dressing to go back to school, you have to consider not only practicality but comfort and style as well. This Fashionista hits the nail on the head in an outfit that combines all three factors. She does this by implementing a few staple pieces into her outfit as well as layering.

This Fashionista’s look features classic blue jeans and a black camisole layered underneath a plaid flannel. All of these items are must-have staple items in any girl’s closet as they are both universally flattering and versatile. The Everest green shade of her flannel is also perfect for her skin tone. This Fashionista paired her outfit with a chunky black statement necklace, black browline sunnies and a black cross-body bag.

Layering is a key element of mastering a solid back to school wardrobe. In my personal experience, although its still hot outside professors seem to overcompensate for the August weather by keeping their classes freezing. That’s why I always recommend layering a complementing sweater or flannel over your top, just in case. That way, you stay comfortable, stylish and you take the complexity out of your outfits for your first few weeks back.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily be transformed for a night out after class. Simply swap out the camisole and jeans for a little black dress. Add a pair of black heels and you’re ready to go!