WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As our summer comes to a close and we head back to school, we all want to bring a new wardrobe with us. Some may want to try a new style or simply change up the old look. I saw this Fashionisto walking out of the bookstore and I loved his easy and carefree style. He layered a patterned button-down shirt on top of a plain T-shirt. He wore khaki shorts, a gold watch and gray Vans.

With men’s clothing, I feel as though it is often hard to stand out because they simply do not have as many options in the fashion world as women do. Not only do we have our endless options of clothing and accessories, but we also have our hair and makeup that can make a statement. Therefore, with men, I think it’s important that they play around with layering; the more layers, the better. Even in the summer, you can layer short sleeve button-downs with tank tops or loose T-shirts. It’s never a bad idea to add some jewelry to your outfits!

When we are at school, it’s easy to get lazy or preoccupied with other obligations, so we end up showing up to class in the same thing we went to bed in. However, as I’ve said in previous posts, fashion should never be ignored! Plain, colorful, cotton T-shirts are a great way to be comfortable and fashionable with little to no effort.

One Simple Change: This outfit would be perfect for tailgating by swapping out the plain T-shirt for a university T-shirt. Who doesn’t love to show their school pride on game day?