WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

It is absolutely true that first impressions are everything. Once you make a first impression, it is what sticks and is association with you, and it can be difficult to change once it is established. Therefore, it is important to not only dress to impress, but also to dress to express. Sure, you want others to know how great your style is, but always stay true to your personal style. Never go along with a trend just because it is in style, but never be afraid to experiment with new things. It is also extremely important to dress for success in the upcoming fall semester, so that your outfits express your personality but are still appropriate for professors and professionals. I spotted this Fashionista who is already applying this rule of thumb to her summer classes, and is ready to take the upcoming semester head on.

She is rocking a red bodycon dress on a day full of classes, studying and extracurriculars. Normally, dresses that are tight fitting would be saved for going out, but the length and design of this dress makes it appropriate for daytime wear as well. In addition, she made it look more suitable for class by adding a light wash chambray top. It pairs wonderfully with the dress because it is casual and loose, and the chambray provides a great contrast with the bright color. Leaving the focus to the main pieces, she went without jewelry but did remember a hair tie for studying at the library later. Finally, she finished the outfit off with a cute pair of low heel brown sandals and a classic and cool black backpack. 

One Simple Change: Looking for some adventure? You can easily transform this dress from back to school to traveling and vacation! Simply add a pair of classic round sunglasses, lose the chambray top if you are traveling somewhere sunny and swap out the sandals for an even comfier pair, like Birkenstocks. You can keep the backpack or upgrade to a suitcase, depending on where you are traveling and how you are getting there.